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$399 Custom Web Design Package



Great for anyone who wants a smart web presence without spending big bucks!

The $399 Custom Web Design Package includes the following:



The $399 Custom Web Design Package Features:
Custom Layouts

Online Technical Support
Self Editing Tool

5 HTML Pages 
Example Pages:
About Us

Web Materials on CD
Administrative Control Panel
Domain Registration
Search Engine Optimized
Form Mail to capture info/leads
PHP Weblog Installation*
10 E-Mail Addresses


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Website Design & Website Redesign




Successful websites require more than a "pretty face", but let's be honest... first impressions do count. But it is also important to have a web site that looks professional,is easy to navigate and makes it easy for your customers to find the information they are looking for.


At Alwat Web Design, we'll work with you to create a web image that best fits your business and captures the visitor's attention; we'll also focus our efforts to create a website that addresses important criteria including:


  • Project a professional image
  • Offer informative content
  • Include user-friendly navigation
  • Incorporate fast-loading graphics
  • Allow for self-management (if desired)


A well designed website can be a great asset to your company by providing insight into who you are, and the services you offer. Grow your business by creating your own unique global presence on the web!